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Yumi and Tomu merch makes a hit

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Youtube can be profitable, but far from all of them manage to create attractive content that allows them to make a living from their business. The duo Tomu and Yumi have cracked the code and achieved success. Today they run several companies and their material is based on good values, careful language and spreading joy. When fans asked for physical products, there was both a children’s book and a private label for Yumi and Tomu merch.

Quick facts about Yumi and Tomu

NameYumi’s real name is Jenny and Tomu’s name is Tom. The couple prefers not to disclose their surnames.
AgeYumi is 34 and Tomu is 36. They were born in 1989 and 1987 respectively
ActivitiesYoutubers who produce family-friendly videos, mainly about games. Also sells products through the company Pandai AB
RelationYumi and Tomu have a love affair and are also business partners.
Clothing brandPandai
Products Clothing and accessories.

Yumi and Tomu merch now available for purchase

After lots of Youtube videos, funny clips and lots of fun, fans finally have the opportunity to buy merch products signed by Yumi and Tomu. On the website you can easily shop and there is something for everyone. The products are for children and are suitable as gifts. Tomu Yumi merch can be found on or via a simple search on Tomu merch see children.

Wide range at Tomu and Yumi

At Pandai you can buy a variety of products, from large to small. The clothes are mostly cotton and in the normal price range.

Here is a selection of the products

  • Caps/hats – Tomu cap in yellow and blue. Yumi hat in purple.
  • T-shirts – Available with the motifs Tomu, Yumi, Mumbai the panda and Hype the lizard. Available in pink, yellow, black and grey.
  • Hoodies – Yumi Tie Dye, Tomu Tie Dye in mottled tones of yellow and pink. Tomu hoodie and Yumi hoodie available in black and pink.
  • Long-sleeved shirts – Yumi sweatshirt and Tomu sweatshirt. Only in black.
  • Pandana/Ninja ribbon – Red ribbon with white text “Tomu” to tie around the forehead.
  • Hats – Tomu hat, yellow and blue. Yumi hat, purple and pink.
  • Bath towel – Bath towel with summery motif in the form of Tomu and Yumi.
  • Affisher – Tomu, Yumi, Tomu and Jeff and Yumi on a sea adventure.
  • Water bottles – Tomu water bottle in blue and Yumi water bottle in pink.
  • Stickers – stickers and tape with the motifs Tomu, Yumi, Yumi’s logo, the Game Master and Tomu plugging with the lizard.
  • Other products – reflectors, lanyards, socks, fanny pack, scrunchie, beach ball, party box, gym bag, mouse pads, scarves, stuffed animals and writing set with pens, notebook and eraser.

Profile products that are in demand but currently not in the range are Tomu merch mugs and Tomu merch shells for mobile phones. Perhaps they will be produced at a later date.

Perfect gifts from Tomu and Yumi

Many children appreciate Tomu and Yumi merch and the products are perfect for birthdays and Christmas. A Yumi water bottle or a Tomu merch shirt can be a real treat in the package. Children often know what they want themselves, but older relatives may need a picture or link to help them find it. Just asking them to search Google can also work, because however you do it, you’ll often get it right. Tomu lizard, Tomu playing merch or Tomu lizard taking over all lead to the real webshop The hard part can be finding exactly the right product, but if it’s the lizard your child wants, you just Google tomu merch lizard.

Yumi and Tomu work for a kinder internet

Tomu and Yumi are making good money from their young fans, but for once, I think most people can agree that it’s for a good reason. Their YouTube videos are well thought out, clean and never contain any swearing. Tomu and Yumi are passionate about spreading joy and creating a nice internet climate free from hate and nastiness. Most of their content revolves around games and in particular Roblox which is very popular with children today. In Roblox you can play many different games and create your own worlds and characters. YouTube couple Tomu and Yumi also produce videos about pranks they pull on each other and the occasional challenge where they test food or some kind of activity. Tomu and Yumi also share a little from their own everyday lives and touch on difficult issues such as companionship, love and bullying. In short, Yumi and Tomu are two of the internet’s safest and most kid-friendly Youtubers with great entertainment value for children of all ages.

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