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Hem » Renault Megane – immensely popular in smaller mid-size car

Renault Megane – immensely popular in smaller mid-size car

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Renault Megane – immensely popular in smaller mid-size car

The Renault Megane is a smaller mid-size car. The very first generation of the popular car was launched in 1995 and since then it has been one of Europe’s best-selling cars. Over the years, several different versions of the Megane have been launched, and in 2015 an all-new version went on sale in July. The car has looked different over the years and looked completely different in 2002, 2010 and 2011 and up to now.

Quick facts about Renault Megane:

Full nameRenault Megane
Known forSmaller mid-size car

Renault Megane history

There have been five different versions of the Renault Megane launched over the years, here are all of them:

  • Version 1. Initially, it was offered as everything from a hatchback, sedan, four-door sedan, convertible and three-door coupe. The three-door coupé was successful in rally competition in the 1990s. An MPV version, called Scenic, was also launched. It later became a model in its own right. It also offered three different petrol engines ranging from 1.4 to 2 litres, as well as three diesel engines of 1.5 and 1.9 and 2 litres. A few years later, in 1999, an updated version was launched. It also introduced a combi version called the Grand Tour.
  • Version 2. In 2002, the second version was launched and attracted a lot of attention, much because of its design resemblance to the Renault Avantime. This version was available as a hatchback with three or five doors, but also as a sedan and convertible. In 2005, the version was updated, mainly in terms of interior design.
  • Version 3. In 2008, another version was launched and by 2014, the front had changed. This was so that the car would fit in better with the rest of Renault’s car models.
  • Version 4. In 2015, an all-new version was launched at the Frankfurt Motor Show and the car went on sale in 2016.

Renault Megane E-tech

Renault Megane E-Tech is Renault’s latest addition and is a modern electric car that is 100% electric. It is available in two battery sizes, 40 and 60 kWh. The range is 47 miles per charge. It has a compact body and a sporty appearance with a black roof and 20-inch wheels. It also has gold chrome details front and back for an even sportier look.

The model also has an active driver assistance system that keeps the car in the middle of the lane and regulates the speed. If you get stuck in traffic, it will automatically stop and start again. At the same time, it also has automatic distance warning, which is a sensor that calculates the safety distance to the car in front. It also has 360-degree 3D view, which means it has four cameras that provide 360-degree visibility around the car. The car can also detect parking spaces and park for you. The price for E-tech is from 402 900 SEK.

Renault Megane RS

The Renault Megane RS is a hatchback that appeared for the first time in 2004. It then had an F4RT type, F engine. The latest RS version is called the Renault Megane R.S Trophy, which was launched in 2020. It stands out with its sporty look, and features inspired by the world of motorsports. A Renault Megane R.S Trophy costs from 465 900 SEK.

Renault Megane Sport Tourer

The Renault Megane Sport Tourer is an adaptable and stylish estate car. It has an adjustable load compartment, the longest load length in its class and a host of clever storage options. It also features a customisable 10.2-inch driver screen and 9.3-inch EASY LINK multimedia display with connected navigation, technology and driver assistance systems.

Are there problems with Renault Megane?

Despite being one of the best-selling car models in Europe, the Renault Megane has not been free of problems over the years. For example, some drivers may find the steering insensitive. The key card with start button has also been said to be a feature that has taken some getting used to. Something that has also received criticism over the years is that it has had a strange shape in the back, which has meant that the interior space has not been as large as that of competitors’ cars in the same class.

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